A 44-year-old cattle farmer was killed when the tricycle tractor he was operating overturned. As was his usual practice, the victim had backed the tractor out of the shed near his home, turned to the right and was driving forward, down the embankment to the road which led to the highway. His cattle barn and pasture were located a short distance from his house (1-2 miles), and he regularly drove the tractor there to tend the cattle. On this day, however, the tractor flipped as he came over the embankment, rolling onto the victim. He died at the scene. In order to prevent similar fatalities, the FACE investigator recommends:

  • Older tractors should be retrofitted with rollover protective structures (ROPS) and seatbelts.
  • Front-end counterweights should be used to improve traction and stability.
  • Tractor operators should take terrain into consideration when performing any operation, and make adjustments as necessary to accommodate to it.

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