A 31-year-old welder working at a construction site died after falling 30 feet. The victim, along with two co-workers, was on an I-beam structure preparing to weld handrails when the incident occurred. The victim informed his two co-workers that he was going to talk with another person on the crew and left the area. He was wearing a hard hat, full-body safety harness with two shock-absorbing lanyards, and steel-toed shoes. He went down one level and crossed a roped-off area, stepping onto a steel-grate floor. The unsecured flooring moved, and the victim fell 30 feet to the dirt floor below. The Kentucky FACE investigation team concluded that, in order to prevent similar occurrences, employers should:

  • ensure that employees do not enter roped-off areas;
  • enforce guidelines established by the employer regarding safety rules;
  • ensure that employees evaluate the terrain and necessary equipment prior to beginning a procedure.

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