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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences



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Manuel Gonzales


Choose Your End! is a short story collection that examines what it means to live in a world with containers at every corner. Containers like houses and studio apartments and Tupperware and blenders, and containers like the social constraints of domesticity and womanhood and the physical body. There are limitations in this world both out of and within our control. Both voluntary and involuntary. These stories delve into the ways in which we are affected by our surroundings, our technology, our relationships, our bodies, and our minds and the ways that individuals affect those in turn. Moreover, these stories attempt to pull apart how self-awareness works with regard to these affects alongside how conscious and subconscious delusion pairs with or overshadows that awareness. The world is weird. Mundane things that people accept as normal ways of life are really strange. This collection shifts into and out of the absurd to clash the mundane with the bizarre in an attempt to examine just how weird our world is. And also, because sometimes the traditional ways of examining the world and human existence within it do not feel nearly sufficient enough.

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