Let My Work Speak: A Collection

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences



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Crystal Wilkinson


This is a blend of works both fiction and nonfiction The collection includes: a two chapter excerpt of a novel in progress, a braided/historical essay interrogating imperialism and privilege through the rise of NIKE shoes, and a lyric/mosaic essay that acts as the self-reflective quasi-memoir interrogating memory, aging and the impermanence of everything. The novel except is set in the city of Denver in a parallel reality. All characters and events are fictional. The story follows Outside, a Black man in his early thirties who has come to Denver by way of NYC. He’s there on sabbatical to write but is trapped when a supernatural occurrence cuts the city of Denver off from the rest of the world. The essays are rooted in history global and personal, factual and mis-remembered. All of it is my way of challenging and disrupting the ‘easy’ narratives we’ve become so accustomed to, particularly around: faith, morality, goodness, success, truth, self-awareness and the history we are taught versus lived experiences. And all of it is done in a conspicuously Black voice.

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