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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Master's Thesis


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Andrew Milward


vapr is a collection of short stories loosely interconnected via an anthropoid of smoke self-titled the Antimmanuel. vapr is an acronym for VOID & AUGURY & PRESENCE & RESIDUE; there is nothing else, and it is all ephemeral. The Antimmanuel is the guide; it is there with us even when god is not – within capitalism, within religion, within mental health crises, etc. Although very much not a work of Realism, this collection of eight stories grasps for, at the very least, its own author’s understanding of the real – what it feels like to live in middle America in the early 21st century. Ride-share drivers, drone operators, astronauts, sex cults, bimbos, active shooters, drug addicts, moms, dads, and impressionable young men – these are the people of vapr.

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Available for download on Saturday, May 10, 2025