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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


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Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geology)

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Dr. Alan Fryar


Groundwater in the Kentucky Appalachian region is constrained by physiography and lithology. Lithostratigraphy, groundwater flow, and chemistry were delineated in the alluvial aquifer along the Cumberland River at H.L. Disney Training Center. To assess groundwater-river interactions and water quality, 11 monitoring wells were installed and sampled quarterly, plus the river and an existing bedrock well. Analytical results were evaluated for temporal and spatial trends. Collected soil cores were analyzed for bulk chemistry and grain size. Solute speciation and saturation indices were calculated and hydraulic conductivity estimated from grain-size analyses. Pumping and slug tests were performed to estimate hydraulic conductivity and hydraulic head was monitored using logging transducers for river stage comparison.

Site lithology consists of loamy soils underlain by silty clay, transitioning downward to clayey-fine sands on friable sandstone/shale. Alluvium becomes finer-grained and has lower hydraulic conductivities with proximity to the river (10-9–10-2 cm/s). Meteoric recharge drives local groundwater flow from ridges toward rivers. Hydraulic head fluctuates with stage and temporary gradient reversals occur. Groundwater does not appear to be impacted by current land use. Wells have elevated iron and manganese concentrations; post-treatment, the alluvial aquifer may provide sufficient quality and rates of water to support onsite military activities.

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Sponsor: KY Department of Military Affairs

Title: "Aquifer Quality Study at H. L. Disney Training Center"

Project Period: 09/26/2016 to 10-31-2018

Amount: $146,946.00 (9046 kB)
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