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This data set contains Central and Eastern U.S. Magnetic Anomaly, DRTP, Tilt Derivative, and Analytic Signal Amplitude Products ultimately derived from Ravat, D., Finn, C., Hill, P., Kucks, R., Phillips, J., Blakely, R., Bouligand, C., Sabaka, T., Elshayat, A., Aref, A., and Elawadi, E., 2009, A preliminary, full spectrum, magnetic anomaly grid of the United States with improved long wavelengths for studying continental dynamics--A website for distribution of data: U.S. Geological Survey Open- File Report 2009–1258, 2 p.


Creative Commons Public Domain CC0

Supporting Information

There are 16777222 lines in this database including the first 6 lines of header information.

The data are comma-separated and the field descriptions as given below. Fields with asterix in TMAG should be masked (and not used).

X: DNAG projected X in meters

Y: DNAG projected Y in meters

Deg_DRTP_TDR: Tilt derivative of differentially reduced to pole magnetic anomaly (geometric


DRTP: Differentially reduced to pole magnetic anomaly data (nT)

DRTP_HD_TDR: Horizontal derivative of tilt derivative (radians) of differentially reduced to pole magnetic anomaly

DRTP_TDR: Tilt derivative of differentially reduced to pole magnetic anomaly (radians)

Lat: Latitude in NAD27 horizontal datum (decimal degrees)

Long: Longitude (decimal degrees)

TMAG: Total intensity magnetic anomaly (nT)

MAG_AAS: Amplitude of analytic signal (nT/m)

TMAGwithNaN: As in TMAG with internal databases differences – this field is redundant and should not be used.

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1.87 Gb



Spatial Coverage

Central and Eastern U.S.

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U. S. Geological Survey