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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology

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Dr. Jonathan Campbell


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses are on the rise, increasing the likelihood of having a student with ASD in the general education classroom. Students with ASD may be included in the general education setting; however, inclusive educational experiences are negative for many students with ASD. ASD awareness interventions have been implemented to help general education students improve their attitudes, behavioral intentions, and understand their peers with ASD. In the current study, empirical articles evaluating the effectiveness of ASD awareness interventions were identified and quantified. Two research questions were addressed: (a)Are ASD awareness interventions effective for general education students? and (b) Do ASDawareness interventions increase general education students’ attitudes, behavioral intentions, orknowledge of students with ASD? In addition, the following moderators: (a) age (b) gender (c) school level, and (d) message were evaluated. Results showed that ASD awareness interventionsare effective for general education students, and that ASD awareness interventions improveattitudes, behavioral intentions, and knowledge of ASD. In addition, age, school level, andmessage moderate the effectiveness of ASD awareness intervention.

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