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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational Leadership Studies

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Dr. Lars Bjork


The teaching profession within P-12 education has more beginners in the field than ever before, growing the profession by 48%, which outpaces the 19% growth in student enrollment. The most common teacher among all practicing in America’s schools is someone in her or his first year of teaching. The decreasing levels of experience in the profession has led to increased rates of attrition because beginners have the highest attrition rates with up to 50% leaving the field within the first five years. Research conducted on teacher retention has focused on why teachers leave the field; hence, a major gap in the research is the limited discussion on the influences that make teachers decide to stay in the field. If 50% of teachers are leaving the classroom within the first five years of their career, then 50% of new teachers are staying. Who are they? Where do they teach? What is keeping them in the profession? This study focuses on finding these answers by focusing on districts with high retention rates in search of the answer to the retention problem. This qualitative study examines what works well and how to facilitate those practices, to provide the answer many educational leaders seek.

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