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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational Leadership Studies

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Dr. Maria Cahill


Empowered teachers believe they can improve their work conditions and positively impact student outcomes. Likewise, teachers with technology integration knowledge can effectively use technology to enhance lessons and improve student learning. This quantitative correlational study investigated teachers’ empowerment, teachers’ technology integration knowledge, and associations between empowerment and technology integration knowledge. Two hundred fourteen randomly selected high school science teachers from across the United States responded to a survey intended to measure empowerment and technology integration knowledge. The teachers' average responses indicate that teachers generally agree with statements surrounding empowerment (M = 3.93, SD = 0.54) and technology integration knowledge (M = 4.09, SD = 0.59). The Spearman's rank correlation indicates a positive and moderate (r = .41) association between empowerment and technology integration knowledge. This study fills a gap in educational leadership and science education literature by providing insight into leadership practices that may be associated with teachers' effective integration of technology in the classroom.

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