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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational Leadership Studies

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Dr. Tricia Browne-Ferrigno


This mixed-methods action research study examines the effect of communities of practice on the development of home-centered gospel learning activities from the perspective of twelve release-time Seminary teachers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from October—December 2021. Beginning in 2019, leaders of Seminaries and Institutes began to implement a Churchwide initiative to encourage home-centered, Church-supported gospel learning. Although Seminary leaders have made several systemwide adjustments, teachers have commonly made minimal adjustments to support this approach. Throughout the mixed-methods study, participants learned about the importance of this home-centered gospel learning approach, in addition to principles of design thinking and successful communities of practice. In both their communities of practice and monthly faculty inservice meetings, study participants discussed what they had done to encourage a home-centered, Seminary-supported gospel-learning approach and how effective they felt those efforts were. It appears that the process of design thinking and communities of practice greatly enhanced the teachers’ ability to positively reinforce home-centered gospel learning experiences within the lives of their students.

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