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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational Leadership Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Wayne Lewis

Second Advisor

Dr. Beth Rous


Research indicates colleges and universities are faced with an excess of challenges and issues, and one of these issues is dealing with conflict. The purpose of this mixed methods action research study was to implement a conflict management strategies workshop on the campus of Morehead State University as an intervention to address the problem of conflict between faculty and administrators. Data collected and analyzed from an exploratory pilot study included interviews of current faculty and administrators regarding situations of conflict. As a result, the following information was discovered: conflict does exist on the campus of Morehead State University between faculty and administrators; the handling of situations of conflict are at the discretion of faculty and/or administrators involved in the conflict; and university personnel and operational policies and faculty handbook, are absent of information necessary to assist in managing conflict. This information gathered led to the development of the intervention, a conflict management strategies workshop. Data collected and analyzed from the implementation of the conflict management strategies workshop included pre- and post- workshop assessments, group discussions, individual interviews, and the researcher’s journal. This constructive approach to managing conflict was implemented through a step-by-step series of interactive activities focused on applying conflict management strategies to equip faculty and administrators with tools to manage conflict. In this paper, planning and implementation is described, answers to the research questions which led the study are provided and implication of the findings are discussed.

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