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Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE)

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Master's Thesis




Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Todd R Johnson


Given that data is increasing exponentially everyday, extracting and understanding the information, themes and relationships from large collections of documents is more and more important to researchers in many areas. In this paper, we present a cooperative semantic information processing system to help biomedical researchers understand and discover knowledge in large numbers of titles and abstracts from PubMed query results.

Our system is based on a prevalent technique, topic modeling, which is an unsupervised machine learning approach for discovering the set of semantic themes in a large set of documents. In addition, we apply a natural language processing technique to transform the “bag-of-words” assumption of topic models to the “bag-of-important-phrases” assumption and build an interactive visualization tool using a modified, open-source, Topic Browser. In the end, we conduct two experiments to evaluate the approach. The first, evaluates whether the “bag-of-important-phrases” approach is better at identifying semantic themes than the standard “bag-of-words” approach. This is an empirical study in which human subjects evaluate the quality of the resulting topics using a standard “word intrusion test” to determine whether subjects can identify a word (or phrase) that does not belong in the topic. The second is a qualitative empirical study to evaluate how well the system helps biomedical researchers explore a set of documents to discover previously hidden semantic themes and connections. The methodology for this study has been successfully used to evaluate other knowledge-discovery tools in biomedicine.