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Systems for surface-free pointing and/or command input include a computing device operably linked to an imaging device. The imaging device can be any suitable video recording device including a conventional webcam. At least one pointing/input device is provided including first, second, and third sets of actuable light sources, wherein at least the first and second sets emit differently colored light. The imaging device captures one or more sequential image frames each including a view of a scene including the activated light sources. One or more computer program products calculate a two-dimensional or three-dimensional position and/or a motion and/or an orientation of the pointing/ input device in the captured image frames by identifying a two-dimensional or three-dimensional position of the activated light sources of the first, second, and/or third sets of light sources. Certain activation patterns of light sources are mapped to particular pointing and/or input commands.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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