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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Judy Goldsmith


Matching people to their preferences is an algorithmic topic with real world applications. One such application is the kidney exchange. The best "cure" for patients whose kidneys are failing is to replace it with a healthy one. Unfortunately, biological factors (e.g., blood type) constrain the number of possible replacements. Kidney exchanges seek to alleviate some of this pressure by allowing donors to give their kidney to a patient besides the one they most care about and in turn the donor for that patient gives her kidney to the patient that this first donor most cares about. Roth et al.~first discussed the classic kidney exchange problem. Freedman et al.~expanded upon this work by optimizing an additional objective in addition to maximal matching. In this work, I implement the traditional kidney exchange algorithm as well as expand upon more recent work by considering multi-objective optimization of the exchange. In addition I compare the use of 2-cycles to 3-cycles. I offer two hypotheses regarding the results of my implementation. I end with a summary and a discussion about potential future work.

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