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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Computer Science

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Dr. Stephen G. Ware


Interactive virtual worlds provide an immersive and effective environment for training, education, and entertainment purposes. Virtual characters are an essential part of every interactive narrative. The interaction of rich virtual characters can produce interesting narratives and enhance user experience in virtual environments. I propose models of personality and emotion that are highly domain independent and integrate those models into multi-agent strong-story narrative planning systems. I demonstrate the value of the strong-story properties of the model by generating story conflicts intelligently. My models of emotion and personality enable the narrative generation system to create more opportunities for players to resolve conflicts using certain behavior types. In doing so, the author can encourage the player to adopt and exhibit those behaviors. I conduct multiple human subject and case studies to evaluate these models and show that they enable generating a larger number of stories and character behavior that is preferred and more believable to a human audience.

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This research was supported by National Science Foundation award (no.:IIS-1647427) in 2016.