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Psychological and Physiological Parameters of Masticatory Muscle Pain


The objective of this research was to identify the psychological and physiological variables that differentiate persons reporting masticatory muscle pain (MMP) from normal controls (NC). This study examined the characteristics of 35 MMP patients in comparison to 35 age-, sex-, and weight-matched NCs. All subjects completed a series of standardized questionnaires prior to undergoing a laboratory evaluation consisting of a psychosocial stressor and pressure pain stimulation at multiple body sites. During the evaluation, subjects' emotional and physiological responses (heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, skin temperature, and muscle activity) were monitored. Results indicated that persons with MMP reported greater fatigue, disturbed sleep, depression, anxiety, menstrual symptoms, and less self-deception (P'sPPPP'sPP's>0.93). These results are discussed in terms of the psychological and physiological processes that may account for the development of muscle pain in the masticatory system.

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