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Influence of a Sympathomimetic Amine on Masticatory and Trapezius Pain/Pressure Thresholds and Electromyographic Levels



This study examined the influence of terbutaline, a β-adrenergic sympathomimetic amine on pain/pressure thresholds in the index fingers and masseter and trapezius muscles and electromyographic activity in trapezii.

Study design.

In a randomized and double-blind controlled trial, 20 asymptomatic female subjects were assigned to receive either an injection of terbutaline or sterile water before collection of pain/pressure thresholds and electromyographic levels. Repeated analysis of variance and paired t tests were calculated to test for baseline and postinjection differences between groups.


No significant baseline or postinjection group differences in pain/pressure thresholds or electromyographic were detected.


β-adrenergic sympathomimetic stimulation does not influence pain/pressure thresholds or electromyographic activity in the masselet and trapezius muscles or pain/pressure thresholds in the index fingers. These results suggest that development of painful muscle conditions is not caused by elevations of sympathetic activity.

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