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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Katherine Eddens, PhD

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Robin Vanderpool, DrPH, CHES

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Kathryn Cardarelli, PhD


The Shelby County Health Department (SCHD) proposes implementing of Flu-FIT in community clinics and pharmacies to increase colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) rates in Shelby County, Tennessee. Flu-FIT is an evidenced-based program that involves health care providers offering patients between 50 and 75 years of age the fecal-immunochemical test at the time the patients receive their annual influenza vaccine along with counseling on colorectal cancer and reminder phone calls. Flu-FIT aligns with the mission of SCHD to “promote, protect, and improve the health and environment of all Shelby County residents.” The project’s short term outcomes include increasing CRCS rates in patients that receive the flu shot; improving patient’s knowledge of CRCS; navigation of patients with a positive FIT result to a colonoscopy; and developing sustainable workflow processes for implementation. The project’s long term outcomes include increasing CRCS rates in the county, increasing CRCS adherence, acceptance of Flu-FIT as a standard of care by health care providers, and ultimately decreased colorectal cancer mortality and incidence in the county. Under the leadership of Cara Nunnally, the Director of Health Planning and Promotion at the SCHD, the department will partner with Christ Community Health clinics, Baptist Medical Group clinics, and Walgreens pharmacies and their nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy interns to reach patients eligible for CRCS. In addition, several local community representatives will contribute to the planning and implementation of Flu-FIT. All project activities are linked with an extensive evaluation plan. The results and lessons learned from this project will be shared at various conferences to reach public health professionals. Proposed conferences include the CDC Cancer Survivorship Conference, American Public Health Association Conference, and/or the American Association for Cancer Education Conference. Findings will be shared with other health care providers at the Memphis Physicians Association annual meeting, Tennessee Nurses Association (TNA) annual meeting, and the Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPhA) annual meeting.

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