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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Alex Howard, DrPH

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Kate Eddens, PhD

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Mark Swanson, PhD


BACKGROUND: There is little research on the relationship of Hispanic ethnicity, drug use, and bully victimization with suicidal ideation among adolescent females. This study investigates all components and their association with suicidal ideation using the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBSS).

METHODS: Participants were 6,621 adolescent females who completed a self-administered questionnaire (YRBSS). Students answered a series of questions regarding unintentional injuries and violence and alcohol and other drug use.

RESULTS: Results indicated that there was an association between drug use, bully victimization, and suicidal ideation. Bivariate analyses using chi-square tests showed the relationships between these risk factors and suicidal ideation to be fairly strong. The logistic regression model showed marijuana use and being bullied on school property had the strongest association among Non-Hispanic females. Cocaine and illegal prescription drug use along with being electronically bullied had a stronger association among Hispanic females.

CONCLUSION: Results support that drug use, bully victimization, and suicidal ideation have a significant relationship among all adolescent females.

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