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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Angela Carman

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Dr. Anne Ray

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Dr. Richard Crosby


With the increasing rate of adolescent depression and anxiety1 2, developing mental health interventions is necessary. Many adolescents’ times spent in schools increased compared to 20 years ago5, which makes school-based intervention programs suitable for reaching adolescent population effectively. Though there are numerous treatment providers available in Jefferson County, Kentucky, the school-based prevention programs addressing adolescent’s negative mental health outcomes have never been implemented. The Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development developed a program called the Blues Program24. The Blues Program provides an adapted version of group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions to train and educate adolescents coping skills and cognitive restructuring24. With weekly activities dedicated to train youth population to prepare for emotionally stressful events that they are experiencing currently as well as for future, Cardinal’s Blues program will use the strategy that is based on the evidence-based program. Cardinal’s Blues Program is based on the Blues Program developed according to the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF)’s recommendation. The Specific Aims of the program are: 1. Establish community partnerships for a Community Advisory Board and necessary referral systems; 2. Train and certify a diverse and culturally competent facilitators; 3. Deliver the program to various schools within the Jefferson County Public Schools district; 4. Evaluate the process and outcome of the program on the rate of adolescent depressive symptoms and depression in Louisville, Kentucky.