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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Steven Browning

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Dr. Florence Fulk

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Dr. Wayne Sanderson


Rates of Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis (CWP) have recently increased in prevalence over the past 20 years. Recent regulation (Phase III) by the Mining Safety and Health Administration to lower the coal dust standard to 1.5 mg/m3 has been mandated to assist in reducing the burden of CWP. Occupations in the coal mining industry have different exposures to coal dust depending on their occupational responsibilities. This study examined the respirable coal dust trends for underground and surface mining occupations from 2000 to 2022. The ultimate goal is to see how respirable coal dust exposures have changed in multiple occupations over this period and ensure mines meet the MSHA Phase III standard.

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