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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Jerod Stapleton

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Dr. Corrine Williams

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Dr. Mark Swanson


Rates of HPV-related head and neck cancers are increasing across the nation and more specifically, there has been a significant increase in the state of Kentucky. This study focuses on the implementation of a mobile clinic saliva-rinse screening program. This program will be set up at UK Athletics Men's basketball and football games in hopes of recruiting middle aged men ages 45-60, who are the target audience of the study. This is the population with highest prevalence for HPV positive head and neck cancers and also the population least likely to visit their health providers regularly. A quick saliva rinse screening test will be done one site and patients results will be relayed to them via communication from the study team. If further navigation and establishing care is needed for a patient the study team will provide this as well. The goal of the study is to increase screening rates and decrease late-stage diagnosis in the target population.

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