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Rafael Perez Figueroa

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John Watkins


The transmission of HIV within the city of Chicago has been established as a major health concern: however, the lack of adequate resources has created gaps within current programming available for people living with HIV. Healthy Living People (HLP) is an evidence-based program focused on reducing the transmission of HIV through strengthening adherence to antiretroviral therapy and decreasing number of higher risk sexual encounters. The Chicago Department of Public Health will provide the HLP program, which includes fifteen 90-minute sessions over the course of one year. The HLP program will be offered for people living with

HIV in four Chicago communities: Grand Boulevard, Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Washington Park. Two of these communities, Grand Boulevard and Washington Park, have higher incidence rates compared to the rates in other Chicago communities. The remaining two communities of Hyde Park and Kenwood have previously had high rates of transmission based on Chicago HIV surveillance data. The HLP program will be offered at three separate locations and delivered by an intervention specialist. The program will take pre-intervention and post-intervention data to assess efficacy of the HLP intervention. With the knowledge and support of community partners, the HLP program will be able to tailor program materials to the needs of these communities. Additionally, community partners can allow the program to remain sustainable even after the intervention period through adding this program to existing programming within services community partners already offer.

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