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Kentucky’s teen pregnancy rate is higher than the national average, and Wolfe County has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the state. Teen pregnancy causes adverse health effects for both mother and baby. Teen mothers have a higher likelihood of dropping out of high school, increased health problems related to pregnancy such as preterm labor and preeclampsia, increased risk of being a single parent, and lower income and SES status. The baby is also affected, with an increased risk of living in a single parent household, and living in poverty. The Kentucky River District Health Department plans to address this high rate of teen pregnancy, by implementing the Be Proud! Be Responsible! program in three Wolfe County Public Schools: Wolfe County High School, Wolfe County Middle School, and Dessi Scott Alternative School. The program will be delivered in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade classrooms, and will take place over a series of six in-class sessions. The Kentucky River District Health Department will use their own health educators to facilitate the program, and will provide all materials needed to complete the Be Proud! Be Responsible! program. Implementation evaluation will be monitored through the use of progress trackers that facilitators will complete at the end of each session. Primary evaluations will be conducted through the use of surveys administered at the beginning and conclusion of the program. The results of this program will be used to decide if the Be Proud! Be Responsible! program should be implemented in the other six counties served by the Kentucky River District Health Department.

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