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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Corrine Williams

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Dr. Robin Vanderpool

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Dr. Mark Swanson


The Kentucky River District Health Department (KRDHD) proposes implementation of Planet Health, a school-based intervention aimed at increasing healthful nutrition and fitness behaviors in middle- and high-school aged students. Planet Health’s core messaging (increasing fruit and vegetable intake, increasing physical activity, decreasing screen time, decreasing sugar-sweetened beverage and trans-fat intake) contributes to our long-term goal of decreasing childhood obesity in our service area. Planet Health will be offered to 3 counties in our service area (Lee, Letcher and Wolfe) with planned expansion to all counties in the KRDHD service area within 5 years of the original pilot. This project will be a collaboration between KRDHD, local school systems, and a variety of community partners.

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