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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Mark Swanson, PhD

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Corrine Williams, ScD, MS

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Robin Vanderpool, DrPH, CHES


With the high rates of childhood obesity in Fulton County, the Purchase District Health Department proposes the implementation of the Eat Well and Keep Moving Program in all the county’s elementary schools among fourth and fifth graders. It is an interdisciplinary, evidence-based program that will be aimed at our short-term goal of increasing knowledge about nutrition and physical activity and inspiring positive behavioral change. It works by integrating lessons and activities about proper nutrition and activity into various aspects of the children’s lives — in the classroom, cafeteria, at home and in the community. We hope to see children move in the direction of increasing their consumption of fruits and vegetables, increasing participation in physical activity, decreasing unhealthy fat intake, and decreasing screen-time. By integrating the program into the school system, we hope to reach a wide array of students. In the long-term, the goal of the intervention is to see a decline in the prevalence of obesity in the county and to see a sustained, integrated curriculum that will create a culture of physical activity and nutritionally healthy lifestyles. Under the supervision of the program director, Ms. Lisa Carrington, the project assistant, Stephanie Tiwa, and the Community Advisory Board (CAB), the school teachers, food service staff and program staff will work together in ensuring the successful implementation and evaluation of the program. Our thorough evaluation results will be made available to the funders and the public and we hope that this will result in the sustained and widespread dissemination of the program.

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