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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Communication and Information



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Dr. Sujin Kim


This value chain analysis study sought to identify information needed by gout patients to successfully manage their disease, leading to a model for information extraction from patient health records. A scoping review was conducted to identify the types of information needed by gout patients. The findings of each included study were divided and analyzed according to the stages of the care delivery value chain. The results of the review were then used to create a gout information value chain as criteria for annotating the information deemed important for gout patients contained in publicly available patient education materials according to the stages of care delivery. The resulting annotations were used to develop a named entity recognition model capable of automatically labelling medical concepts from clinical notes by value chain stage. To identify concepts specifically relevant to gout patients, the concepts extracted from patient notes were used as candidate features in a phenotyping algorithm to identify concepts associated with gout flares. While this study was able to develop a model for identifying information relevant to gout flares, the findings suggest that there is information missing from patient education materials and their clinical notes that could be valuable to gout patients for self-management.

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