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A process is described for the manufacture of activated carbon in the form of a powder, as granules or as extrudates. The process includes treating a biomass feedstock, such as woods, coconut shells, fruit pits, peats, lignites and all ranks of coal with a processing agent and an activation agent. The processing agent may be a natural or synthetic monomer, oligomer, polymer or mixtures thereof capable of interacting or co-polymerizing with the biomass feedstock. The activation agent may be, for example, phosphoric acid, zinc chloride or mixtures thereof. A high surface area, high hardness extruded activated carbon may be produced by this process. The activated carbon is generally characterized by a BET surface area between 600-2500 m2 /g, a mesopore surface area between 80-900 m2 /g and for extruded or granular carbons, a Takeda hardness of between 10-50%.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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