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A resonant sensing apparatus for operative arrangement within a test environment to sense an analyte. A sensing structure is included having an antenna in electrical communication with a resonant circuit and a structural element made of a material that selectively responds to the analyte. This sensing structure will resonate at a particular characteristic resonant frequency in the presence of an applied interrogation electromagnetic field and the analyte upon the occurrence of the selective response. A receiver is used for remotely identifying a value for the characteristic resonant frequency by measuring a plurality of values for electromagnetic emission intensity of the sensing structure taken over an operating range of frequencies. A length of a conductive segment of any component of the resonant circuit may also function as the antenna. A method of sensing an analyte with the sensing structure includes arranging the sensing structure within a test environment and applying an interrogation electromagnetic field causing the sensing structure to resonate. A pre-correlation made between a series of resonant frequency values taken for the sensing structure and a corresponding series of analyte sensing values can be used for the sensing.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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