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Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (MSMSE)

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Master's Thesis




Materials Science and Engineering

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Dr. Mattgew Weisenberger


Limited coal coking operations and the use of coal-tar pitch as a binding agent in the production of metallurgical anodes has led to a limited availability of coal tar pitch for carbon fiber products. This has sparked interest in utilizing non-metallurgical coal-based liquids as an alternative to traditional coal tar from metcoke operations. This can be achieved by low severity solvent extraction, with heavy aromatic solvents, to produce coal liquids that act as precursor to pitch-based carbon fiber. This thesis aims to establish the processing and determine the impact of utilizing coal liquids to produce carbon fiber. In this work the yield (wt.%) from coal liquids to carbon fibers is directly compared to the yield from the solvent (without coal) to carbon fibers. Results indicated that the yield (wt.%) for coal liquid derived from a FCC decant oil-coal slurry and creosote-coal slurry to isotropic pitch was nearly four and nine times greater than the yield to isotropic pitch from decant oil and creosote without coal, respectively. The carbon yield (wt.%) from green fiber to carbon fiber was similar for creosote-coal slurry-derived fibers (70.9%) and creosote-derived fibers (66.1%).

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