The DESCANT array (Deuterated Scintillator Array for Neutron Tagging) consists of up to 70 detectors, each filled with approximately 2 liters of deuterated benzene. This scintillator material o_ers pulse-shape discrimination (PSD) capabilities to distinguish between neutrons and γ-rays interacting with the scintillator material. In addition, the anisotropic nature of n – d scattering allows for the determination of the neutron energy spectrum directly from the pulse height spectrum, complementing the traditional time-of-flight (ToF) information. DESCANT can be coupled either to the TIGRESS (TRIUMF-ISAC Gamma-Ray Escape Suppressed Spectrometer) γ-ray spectrometer [1] located in the ISAC-II [2] hall of TRIUMF for in-beam experiments, or to the GRIFFIN (Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei) γ-ray spectrometer [3] located in the ISAC-I hall of TRIUMF for decay spectroscopy experiments.

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