The use of organic semiconductors in high-performance organic field-effect transistors requires a thorough understanding of the effects that processing conditions, thermal, and bias-stress history have on device operation. Here, we evaluate the temperature dependence of the electrical properties of transistors fabricated with 2,8-difluoro-5,11-bis(triethylsilylethynyl)anthradithiophene, a material that has attracted much attention recently due to its exceptional electrical properties. We have discovered a phase transition at T = 205 K and discuss its implications on device performance and stability. We examined the impact of this low-temperature phase transition on the thermodynamic, electrical, and structural properties of both single crystals and thin films of this material. Our results show that while the changes to the crystal structure are reversible, the induced thermal stress yields irreversible degradation of the devices.

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Published in Applied Physics Letters, v. 105, no. 8, article 083305, p. 1-5.

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The following article appeared in Applied Physics Letters, v. 105, no. 8, article 083305, p. 1-5 and may be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4894238.

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The work at WFU was supported by the NSF Grant Nos. ECCS-1254757 and DMR-1040264. J.W.W. and K.P.G. are supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program under Grant No. DGE-0907738. J.E.A. and M.M.P. thank the National Science Foundation (CMMI-1255494) for their support of the synthesis of organic semiconductors.

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