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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. John Anthony

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Dr. Chad Risko


While optoelectronic devices built from organic semiconductors (OSC) continue to find their way into the commercial landscape, there remain numerous challenges to overcome to supplant traditional semiconductors in many technologies. Chief among these are low performance metrics relative to devices with conventional semiconductors and device stability. In order to overcome these challenges, a wide range of new OSC and processing technologies have been developed. However, there remains limited fundamental understanding of the relationship between molecular structure, packing in the solid state, and the resulting materials properties. Here, we make use of multiscale molecular models and utilize classical all-atom molecular dynamic (MD) simulations and quantum-chemical density functional theory (DFT) to explore the molecular structure-function relationships. Our results have provided distinctive insights into how the chemistries and processing of the OSC impact the material characteristics.

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