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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Timothy R. B. Taylor


As-built drawings are the traditional method used by the construction industry to record changes made during construction. As-builts provide valuable information for new design projects as well as rehabilitation and remediation projects. The completeness and accuracy of these plans are essential for transportation industries and their success. While the importance of as-builts is widely recognized, the process of creating them has proven to be difficult. It is a time consuming process and entities often lack the resources necessary to complete accurate and detailed as-builts. After an investigation of current as-built operations within State Transportation Agencies, recommendations have been made to redefine construction "as-built" plans to meet current state transportation needs. First, the importance of a central storage location accessible to all stakeholders cannot be overemphasized. Along with a central storage location, standard guidelines should be developed regarding what information is required to be included within as-built plans. This study's approach to developing such guidelines included meeting with as-built end users and formulating a list of requested information. To ensure as-builts are being completed on time and accurately, it is recommended that as-built plans be developed throughout the project using simple to use editing software on iPads. A PDF editor is ideal for as-built development as PDF is the requested format by most end users. Finally, to ensure this process is being followed by construction, a liaison between as-built developers and users is recommended.

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