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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Lindsey Sebastian Bryson


Karst bedrock conditions and deterioration of the lock and dam structures have resulted in significant leakage through, underneath, and around Lock and Dam No. 8 on the Kentucky River. During severe droughts, the water surface in Pool No. 8 has been observed to drop below the crest of the dam, resulting in water supply shortages and water quality issues for surrounding communities reliant on the pool. Presently, the primary purpose of Lock and Dam No. 8 is water supply. Pool No. 8 is currently where the cities of Nicholasville (Jessamine County, KY) and Lancaster (Garrard County, KY) draw their water. Due to the age and condition of the structures, and the criticality of the retained water supply, the project Owner commissioned a replacement dam to be built. One major component of the replacement dam was a foundation improvement program. The foundation improvement program was designed to address the karst bedrock conditions at the site. The foundation improvements included a secant pile cutoff wall and a double-row grout curtain. The grout curtain at Lock and Dam No. 8 was evaluated based on the metrics presently available.

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