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Master of Civil Engineering (MCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Kamyar C. Mahboub

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Dr. Robert B. Jewell


Self-consolidating, rapid-hardening concrete is a sought-after product in the market now, however the effects of admixtures on fresh and hardened concrete rheology are still uncertain. This study aims to create a self-consolidating concrete (SCC) using calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement for its rapid-hardening properties, and tests two set time retarders and two viscosity-modifying admixtures (VMAs) to determine how they affect the properties of concrete. The properties studied in this thesis are workability, viscosity, set times, air content, compressive strength, and freeze-thaw resistance of self-consolidating concrete. It was found that tartaric acid creates a very workable SCC with consistent results regardless of VMA used while citric acid only works well with Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) as a VMA and kills viscosity modifying properties of Welan Gum (WG).

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U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Research and Development Center (ERDC) and University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (UK CAER), funded from 2022-2023.

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