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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Gabriel B. Dadi


It’s understood that construction is extremely dangerous and highway construction has an added risk that comes from the presence of traffic. Many steps and prevention measures can be taken to reduce the risks to workers’ safety in highway work zones. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) realized they had room for improvement and wanted to have a database that would allow for analysis of the common causes of incidents. The new software KYTC wanted to implement is called Origami Risk. Origami Risk is a cloud-based safety management system (SMS) software that offers a huge range of customizable risk management, RMIS, environmental health & safety, and data analytics tools in a single platform that is accessible via web browser and mobile app. To better understand how to implement a SMS in a public agency a literature review was done to review other Department of Transportation’s implementation process and what they learned from the experience. Researchers also held focus groups with KYTC to understand the expectations and concerns of the employees who will be using or administering the SMS. All this information was collected and distributed to KYTC to assist with developing an effective implementation process for a new digital comprehensive SMS.

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This study was supported by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYSPR 23-641) in 2022.