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Master of Civil Engineering (MCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Nikiforos Stamatiadis


To increase the number of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and to grow the number of people using those facilities in Kentucky more such projects need to be implemented. The Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT) is a data-driven approach that Kentucky uses for prioritizing projects in the state, but its focus is auto-centric. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a prioritization scoring approach for pedestrian and bicycle projects that could be implemented into SHIFT. The study used the SHIFT–2022 pedestrian and bicycle projects to develop and evaluate different scoring scenarios. After scoring each project on its proposed project type and existing facilities, a composite score was developed for both pedestrian and bicycle projects. The sensitivity analysis examined the impact of the proposed scoring scenarios on pedestrian and/or bicycle projects as well as all projects considered at the regional level. Each scoring scenario affected the boost points allocated to each project by the Metropolitan Planning Organization and District. The results showed that the scenario that reduced each boost by 5 points and allocating them to the pedestrian and bicycle projects retained all pedestrian and bicycle projects in any scenario of project selection percentage. This scenario also had the largest number of projects that ranked higher than in the existing method with the greatest average rank change.

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