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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Master's Thesis




Civil Engineering

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Dr. Timothy R. B. Taylor


State Transportation Agencies have been experiencing staffing difficulties in the last couple of decades due to the deterioration of infrastructure and a large number of employees retiring or transitioning to the private sector. Therefore, the STA demographic has become much younger and a loss of critical knowledge has resulted from this changeover. Construction Inspection in particular has been severely impacted. Inspired by the NCHRP Synthesis 450, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has initiated the Risk-Based Construction Inspection project which focuses on prioritizing construction activities based on the risk associated with failure of that work item. The purpose of which is to develop tools for inspectors to systematically perform tasks and assist management in more efficiently allocating resources. Surveys were sent out to KYTC experts to collect data associating risk levels to construction activities. The risk level was then correlated with the inspection frequency and the inspector experience for each work item. Heat Charts and the Staffing Guidance Tool was created based on the survey information, then combined with other resources to create Inspection Checklists. The project will continue with a case study evaluating past resource allocation and future use of the tools.

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This study was supported by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (no. 1800001487) from 2018-2021.