Submissions from 2017


Reduction of Cocaine-Induced Locomotor Effects by Enriched Environment Is Associated with Cell-Specific Accumulation of ΔFosB in Striatal and Cortical Subregions, Audrey Lafragette, Michael T. Bardo, Virginie Lardeux, Marcello Solinas, and Nathalie Thiriet

Submissions from 2011


Differential Effects of Accumbens Core vs. Shell Lesions in a Rat Concurrent Conditioned Place Preference Paradigm for Cocaine vs. Social Interaction, Michael Fritz, Rana El Rawas, Sabine Klement, Kai Kummer, Michael J. Mayr, Vincent Eggart, Ahmad Salti, Michael T. Bardo, Alois Saria, and Gerald Zernig