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Master of Fine Arts in Curatorial Studies (MFA)

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Master's Thesis, Exhibition Catalogue


Fine Arts


Art and Visual Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Miriam Kienle


MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined explores how performances of contemporary masculinities can counteract traditional binary understandings of gender. Justin Korver, John Paul Morabito, Betsy Odom, Moises Salazar, and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell expose, question, and subvert the ways that we culturally define masculinity by focusing on gender as performance. These artists not only critique cisgender, heteronormative binary understandings of masculinity, but also embrace the performative nature of gender and celebrate non-normative, alternative, and queer masculinities. By encompassing a range of gender and sexual identifications, these artists share their own personal experiences, interpretations, performances, rejections, and embodiments of masculinity. Breaking down the barrier created between masculinity and femininity, they embrace feminist and queer approaches to reimagining our cultural understandings of gender.

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MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined