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Master of Fine Arts in Curatorial Studies (MFA)

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Master's Thesis, Exhibition Catalogue


Fine Arts


Art and Visual Studies

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Dr. Anna Brzyski


Women have long been overlooked as key figures in the cultural history of Appalachia. The exhibition Tangled Roots: Exploring Appalachian Feminisms seeks to examine the ways in which women artists across the region have kept traditions alive while redefining creative practices that were once seen strictly as “women’s work.” In particular, the exhibition aims to explore how women have reimagined “craft” through skillful attention to materials, manual dexterity, and application of critical and conceptual rigor. The concept of craft is defined in this context to include all hand-made work that requires developed skills, whether they belong to traditional craft-based practices or ones associated with the so-called fine arts. With this unifying and expanded definition that spans a variety of creative endeavors, the show seeks to break down the traditional boundaries and distinctions used to divide art from craft.

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Funding Information

Funding for this exhibition has been generously provided by the University of Kentucky and the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and Appalachian Studies Program. This exhibition was hosted by the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center and managed by Celeste Lewis.

Tangled Roots: Exploring Appalachian Feminisms