Chair: Dr. Robert Jensen

In very few places in any college or university are incoming freshmen expected to conduct original research. Yet from day one freshmen entering our studios and classrooms are asked to perform as researchers, as independent artists, and as scholars. We require our majors to create new things, to produce new ideas, to learn to look at the world in new ways, and to think critically about what they and others have done within their respective fields of discovery. Our students must learn to take criticism, to see what they have done as others see it, and to respond creatively. Students must learn to push past what they already know, do, and think, to seek within themselves new creative and intellectual frontiers. The skills students acquire at the School of Art & Visual Studies have value far beyond the professional fields of art history, art education or studio art. The common task of our exceptional faculty is not only to develop artists, or art historians or art educators. We work to foster the creativity that lies within every person who passes through our doors. Whatever our students go on to do in life, we want them to possess the intellectual flexibility, the self-consciousness, creativity and critical skills to do what they do better.

The School of Art & Visual Studies was known as the Department of Art before July 1, 2012.


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