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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Business and Economics



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Dr. Dave Ziebart


In this study, I examine whether firms hire new CFOs with improved qualifications following a financial reporting failure and subsequently experiencing CFO turnover. Prior literature provides evidence that restating firms attempt to take remedial actions to restore their credibility and reputation. This study extends prior literature by testing whether the decision to hire a new CFO is a valued remedial action for restating firms.

The empirical results show that restating firms are more likely to hire new CFOs with more accounting expertise and from external sources than non-restating firms are. The market reacts more favorably when restating firms hire a CFO with more relevant accounting expertise than the incumbent CFO. I also find that the improved qualifications of the new CFO mitigate the information risk generated by the restatement.

This study contributes to the literature with the assertion that accounting expertise is a valuable attribute that firms consider when making hiring decisions for CFOs, especially those firms that issued a restatement. The results imply that replacing CFOs is a valued remedial action for restating firms. The improved qualifications of the new CFOs improve the information environment for restating firms and reduce perceived risk from investors.

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