Submissions from 2018


An Epidemiologic Study of Antimicrobial Resistance of Staphylococcus Species Isolated from Equine Samples Submitted to a Diagnostic Laboratory, Ronita Adams, Jackie Smith, Stephen Locke, Erica Phillips, Erdal Erol, Craig N. Carter, and Agricola Odoi


Temporal Trends and Predictors of Antimicrobial Resistance Among Staphylococcus spp. Isolated from Canine Specimens Submitted to a Diagnostic Laboratory, Julia G. Conner, Jackie Smith, Erdal Erol, Stephen Locke, Erica Phillips, and Agricola Odoi


Lipidomic Analysis of Immune Activation in Equine Leptospirosis and Leptospira-Vaccinated Horses, Paul L. Wood, Margaret Steinman, Erdal Erol, Craig Carter, Undine Christmann, and Ashutosh Verma

Submissions from 2017


Equine Arteritis Virus Has Specific Tropism for Stromal Cells and CD8+ T and CD21+ B Lymphocytes but Not for Glandular Epithelium at the Primary Site of Persistent Infection in the Stallion Reproductive Tract, Mariano Carossino, Alan T. Loynachan, Igor F. Canisso, Richard Frank Cook, Juliana Roberta Campos, Bora Nam, Yun Young Go, Edward L. Squires, Mats H. T. Troedsson, Thomas W. Swerczek, Fabio Del Piero, Ernest F. Bailey, Peter J. Timoney, and Udeni B. R. Balasuriya

Submissions from 2016


Comparison of Protein Phosphatase Inhibition Assay with LC-MS/MS for Diagnosis of Microcystin Toxicosis in Veterinary Cases, Caroline E. Moore, Jeanette Juan, Yanping Lin, Cynthia L. Gaskill, and Birgit Puschner

Submissions from 2011


Effects of Location for Collection of Air Samples on a Farm and Time of Day of Sample Collection on Airborne Concentrations of Virulent Rhodococcus equi at Two Horse Breeding Farms, Kyle R. Kuskie, Jacqueline L. Smith, Naisyin Wang, Craig N. Carter, M. Keith Chaffin, Nathan M. Slovis, Randolph S. Stepusin, Anthony E. Cattoi, Shinji Takai, and Noah D. Cohen

Submissions from 2010


OAS1 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Susceptibility to West Nile Encephalitis in Horses, Jonathan J. Rios, Joann G. W. Fleming, Uneeda K. Bryant, Craig N. Carter, John C. Huber Jr., Maureen T. Long, Thomas E. Spencer, and David L. Adelson