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Pump thrombosis (PT) occurs during destination therapy (DT) with HeartMate II, a continuous blood flow left ventricular assist device (St Jude, Pleasanton, CA, USA). With adherence to stringent post-operative and long-term anticoagulation a low incidence of PT was initially reported during DT. The increased PT incidence during DT that was reported in early 2013 was attributed to lenient anticoagulation. A wide range of PT incidence during DT is being reported since the return to stringent post-operative and long-term anticoagulation. We searched PubMed from January 2008 to February 2016 for reports of PT during mechanical circulatory support with HeartMate II and focus on the incidence rate of PT from DT approval by the Food and Drug Administration to present. Pump thrombosis which may have been initially underestimated continues to complicate DT with HeartMate II despite stringent post-operative and long-term anticoagulation.



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