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White Paper

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This proposal was presented via handouts and accompanying slides to the University of Kentucky Faculty Senate Council on February 20, 2012. The proposal hinges on two main purposes:

  1. an alternative for Kentucky's high school students that choose to accelerate their time to degree by completing a challenging course at UK; and,
  2. a strategic improvement to existing enrollments at UK by high school students that would lead to more long-term relationships and shorten time to a college degree from UK.

The proposal includes definitions of terms commonly used, a few examples from UK benchmark institutions and an example lifecycle for the dual credit initiative that provides rich descriptive detail on how the program would best be deployed at UK.


This proposal was the result of several years of collaboration among administration, staff, faculty and students both internal and external to the University community. It started out as a targeted effort in the UK Provost's War on Attrition and rested on the assumptions and principles stated in several meetings between UK and Fayette County Public Schools staff and faculty. (See for example, the results from a FCPS-UK Summit held September 28, 2009, at UK.) Finally, with the development of a statewide dual credit policy, the need for a University-specific version became more urgent - and the University Faculty Senate approved the UK Dual Credit Policy and Procedures along with an abbreviated Senate Rules change in March 2012. See the Undergraduate Education website ( for the official policies and procedures as approved by the University Faculty.