A summary of a year-long analysis campus-wide at the University of Kentucky by the Committee for Research and Analysis on the Success of African American Students was presented to the Deans Council and Faculty Senate Council in Fall 2006. The report is the result of five separate research projects designed to help the UK leadership better understand the African American experience on campus and the correlates of success. Interim Provost Scott Smith charged the Committee members (listed below) to (1) analyze those factors that predict and/or propmote success of African American students at the University of Kentucky, and (2) assist in developing effective responses to improve UK's success in enrolling and graduating African American students. The recommendations are specific and detailed. They included more professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty; improved pre-college outreach and recruitment; additional financial support to allow for a marketing study and for student employment on campus; closer attention to academic engagement by African American students; improve social opportunities especially in faculty activities with students. Committee members were: Sonja Feist-Price (African American Studies and Research Program), Philipp Kraemer (Assoc. Provost for Undergraduate Education), V-P Connie A. Ray (chair), Roger Sugarman (Office of Institutional Research), Toni Thomas (Director, CARES), V-P William Turner, Lynda Brown Wright (College of Education).

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