Despite advances in modern medicine, cancer is still the major cause of mortality in both developing and developed countries. Search for safer and more effective chemoprevention and treatment strategy is a need for the improvement of patient care in the field. Prevention may be more effective and less costly because cancer is largely a preventable disease which could be attributed to a greater extent to lifestyle. Dietary phytochemicals have been used for the treatment of cancer throughout history due to their safety, low toxicity, and general availability. Population based studies suggest that a reduced risk of cancer is associated with high consumption of vegetables and fruits. Promising phytochemicals not only disrupt aberrant signaling pathways leading to cancer but also synergize with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Thus, the cancer chemoprevention and therapeutic potential of naturally occurring phytochemicals are of great interest. In this special issue we have collected many interesting original research articles and reviews that provide solid evidence to support the application of phytochemicals or dietary agents in prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Published in BioMed Research International, v. 2015, article 324021, p. 1-2.

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